Cuphead – A First Look

I took my first look at Cuphead last night. I played in total about 2 hours, and oh how quickly those 2 hours went. If you’ve read any of the hype, believe it. The game is extremely punishing, but in a good way. The game has 2 basic types of levels (from what I’ve seen, mind you I only did 3 levels in the 2 hours I played).

The first is your basic side scrolling level. I don’t say basic to detract away from just how hard and punishing these levels are. Most seem to be able to be completed in about 2-4 minutes if you really stretch it and take your time but to get to that 2-4 minute run time you’ll be playing the level for most likely 10-15 minutes dying over and over until you actually beat it.

The second type of level is the boss based level. They feature bosses that are extremely difficult and change their attacks and movement types 3-4 times. In theory that doesn’t sound all that difficult but in practice, well lets just say i spent a whole hour just trying to beat 1 boss and beat him in a 1 minute 30 second try.


Not all bosses are like that though. Some you can probably beat on only your first or second time fighting them. The best thing about this game is that rewarding feeling when you finally beat that boss that’s been giving you the hardest time.

There’s also other weapons and abilities you can buy through getting more coins throughout the different side scrolling levels, allowing you to equip up to 2 weapons, a super move, and a charm. This adds another element to the game where some weapons might make levels or bosses easier or harder to beat. Like in the video above, I initially started out with the standard pea shooter for the range but quickly realized that staying close and dealing more damage quickly with the spread shot was a much better move.

This is a game I plan on spending countless more hours on playing and perfecting and plan on doing a full review once I’ve completed the game. You can pick up Cuphead at our Amazon affiliate storefront.


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