Justice League First Impressions (Spoiler Free)

I was lucky enough to see an early screening of Justice League tonight. First impressions, wow. They crammed a whole bunch into 2 hours of movie.


Quick rundown of my thoughts:

  • The story was good and after the first viewing the characters actions seem to line up with their situation.
  • While at times there was “witty” banter it was very understated. It felt natural and we weren’t inundated with it like in Marvel movies. And the one time time I felt like we were starting to be flooded with the comments the characters were punished for it.
  • The CGI is nothing to write home about. In fact, there are times where the CGI is pretty god awful. It doesn’t ruin the movie but when you notice it, it can take you out of a scene pretty quickly. Although, I would like to see this on a regular movie screen and not a 4k screen. I suspect maybe we could see too much detail making the 3d models look shiny and smooth.
  • There are 2 after credit scenes, 1 is meh, the other is pretty cool.
  • The music was great, the action was great, the story was pretty good. I’m sure on subsequent viewings I will notice more things wrong with the movie. I did notice a couple which I’ll include in my full write up.
  • I recommend seeing it if you’re into action movies or comic book movies

I’ll be doing a full write up after I’ve had time to collect my thoughts. That write up will have spoilers and will be labeled so.

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